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IASP Pain Research Forum Podcasts

Sep 21, 2021

Editor’s note: IASP will be celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2024. Even though the anniversary is still a few years away, it already has us thinking about the history of IASP and the evolution of pain research over the past five decades. So, we are providing a series of podcasts that will cover both of those topics, featuring senior leaders in the field who have made major contributions to pain research and care, including those with major roles at IASP.

Our latest such podcast Marshall Devor, PhD. Devor is the Alpert Professor of Pain Research at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel (HUJI). His research has focused on the neurobiology of neuropathic pain, and more recently also on mechanisms involved in loss of consciousness and pain-free surgery. His laboratory has published extensively in the pain field, with work of a notably integrative nature involving neurophysiology, computer simulations, neuroanatomy (light and electron microscopy), genetics, and behavioral models.

Here, Devor speaks with freelancer writer Fred Schwaller, PhD, to discuss his career path, including his work as a postdoc with Pat Wall, some of the history of the pain field, and much more.